December 6, 2021
By: Richard Roe

The Dealership Experience in 2021

> I potentially wanted to buy a new car - so why is it so difficult?
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So, I'm Pretty Impatient

I have an allocation for an Emira deposit, as I've mentioned before. But still, I was curious. Were there any other cars that I could go look into purchasing that I could get new, instead of waiting for the Emira to be released, built, and shipped? I began shopping around, looking for cars that fit the bill for things I wanted from a vehicle: sport coupe, solid build quality, enough space for at least a single full size suitcase and a duffel bag, and either a manual or dual-clutch transmission. After some researching and reviews, I settled on test-driving two vehicles - a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS, and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - and oh boy... was I in for a surprise.

Supply Chain based Markups

I know there's a supply chain shortage for chips right now, which causes some shortages on new cars. But seriously - some of the markups on vehicles are crazy right now. On the GT500's, depending on options there was between a $35,000 and $50,000 markup/addendum on the vehicles. For the Porsche, there was about a 10% increase in price - which was slightly more manageable. I suppose that's why there were only one or two Porsche's for sale in the Bay Area, but almost twenty GT500's.

Just. List. Prices.

I was able to get the price for the Porsche - addendum included - by just visiting the website of the dealership. In stark contrast, it took a while five days of back and forth communication with one of the Ford dealerships near me to get a tangible value on the Mustang. Seriously - between emails, and then texts, and finally a number of phone calls where I was told they would "analyze the market and return to me later with a value," it was made clear that the dealership wanted to do everything in my power to get me in their doors before they would get me the price. Eventually they relented, and I learned of the markup.

The Preferred Way

The Porsche was interesting - as it turned out, I would be able to do the majority of communication over text, up to and including financing (which could be submitted via a web portal) and trade-in valuation over the phone. Being able to see the price up front, send some texts to gauge interest, submit photos and VIN information of my current vehicle to get a ball-park value of my trade-in, and get information related to financing terms - all over the phone while working? Then, all I'd need to do is drive in, verify all the information of the vehicle, take a test drive, and sign some paperwork? That would be super nice. I say should... when I should say was - it was. I bought it. Oops! More on the new vehicle coming soon - but here it is!

Oops, new ride: Porsche 718 Cayman GTS